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Boost Productivity

Gain instant insights from any source with all-in-one AI note-taking toolkit.

Capture Everything

Upload sources by audio, text, photos, and YouTube links, then get your notes instantly or brainstorm ideas for different scenario.

Recording & Live Transcription

Capture lectures, meetings, or conversations with high-quality audio recording and receive live transcriptions in real-time.

AI-Powered Summaries

AI Notebook analyzes your notes to provide concise, intelligible summaries with templates for different content.

Flashcards and Quizzes

Auto-generated flashcard and quiz help you create, organize, and review what you‘ve learn efficiently.

Summarize YouTube Videos

Transcribe, segment, and summarize your favorite trending YouTube video using AI Notebook with one click.

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Best AI note taking app to transcribe speech to text and summarize lectures with AI.

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"I brainstorm ideas constantly - on the go, in meetings, everywhere! AI Notebook App captures everything - voice recordings, text snippets, even links to inspiring Youtube videos. It's like having my own personal assistant keeping track of my thoughts. Plus, the organization features are fantastic - no more information overload!"


Review of AI Notebook App

"The AI Notebook APK is a game-changer for anyone working with artificial intelligence and data science on the go. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration with various AI tools make it incredibly convenient for mobile use. Whether you're coding, running complex models, or simply taking notes, this app delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Highly recommended for AI professionals and enthusiasts alike!"

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Review of AI Notebook App

"As a researcher, staying organized is crucial. Al Notebook App has transformed the way I work, I can seamlessly gather infommationfrom various sources - iournal articles (PDFs), interview recordings (audio), and even relevant Youtube docymentaries - all in one placeThe ability to ask questions within my notes and have the Al pul out key details is a game-changer, This app saves me tons of time andmental energy."


Review of AI Notebook App

"AI Notebook has boosted my productivity. The ability to ask questions within the app and save the answers alongside notes is brilliant. It's like having a personal research assistant in my pocket. Plus, the audio recording transcription is a lifesaver for lectures. Highly recommend it for students and busy professionals."


Review of AI Notebook App

"This app is amazing for college students! I used to struggle keeping track of all my class materials - lectures, readings, Youtube videos explaining concepts. AI Notebook App throws everything together and makes it searchable! Plus, I can ask questions directly in my notes and save them for later. Studying just got a whole lot easier."


Review of AI Notebook App

"I downloaded this the other day and within 5 minutes already knew I wanted to subscribe. The AI Writer helped me land a better job last year. I have faith in your apps and am looking forward to seeing how this app evolves. Thank you for your work."


Review of AI Notebook App

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AI Notebook supercharges your note-taking. Capture ideas in text, images, or audio (with live transcriptions!). AI helps you organize and understand with summaries, auto-categorization, and flashcards. All accessible from your phone, tablet,or computer. It's your personalized learning assistant!

Never take notes again

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